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Bo Benton, Inc


Restaurant Worker

$8.25/h + Bonus

Job Start Dates: 01.05.2019 - 20.06.2019

Job End Dates: 17.08.2019 - 30.9.2019



Company Biography

Bojangles'® began in 1977 as the dream of operators Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. They saw an opportunity to develop a quick service restaurant chain based on three attributes: Bojangles is a type of fast food restaurant, although you will not find cheeseburgers or hot dogs here. This is a mix of Southern and Cajun home cooking. The restaurants are located next to very busy shopping centers.

Job Position Details

You will be trained in various areas & your work will include but not be limited to the following: Cashiering, bagging orders, taking food orders, cooking, handling pork products,cleaning, taking out trash, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, mopping. English must be Advanced - 8 out of 10.


Number of available slots: 10 

Cultural Opportunities

Shopping at Broadway at the Beach, Visit Brookgreen Gardens and Castle in Atalaya, Beach Activities, Coastal Carolina University tours, Church Activities. Downtown Charleston is 100 miles away with plenty of US history.

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