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Adventureland Inn


Food Concession


Job Start Dates: 15.05.2019 - 15.06.2019

Job End Dates: 26.08.2019 - 02.09.2019



Company Biography

Employee perks (free admission to amusement park), close to Des Moines area, employee appreciation days, Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino. We work as a team and respect and appreciate our workers.

Job Position Details

You will be working at a food stand located inside the park. Some of the location are mobile (like an ice cream cart; others are in a permanent location). Duties include taking food orders from guests, filling orders, cashier (handling American currency and credit card transactions), and preparation of food items. Stocking food and inventory and keeping the area organized and clean. May have to lift up to 25 lbs (12kg). There are strict safety requirements you will need to follow regarding use of personal protective equipment for chemical hazards, proper safety attire and following all other company safety requirements. Must have strong work ethic, great attitude and like working with people. Must be hard-working, honest, friendly and able to work outside in the sun. Only apply if you like to work and have team spirit.You may be cross trained in other areas to assist as needed. Position is for a minimum of 32 hrs per week (unless there is extreme weather causing the Park to close). At times there may be the option to work more than 40 hrs/week, but ALL hours are paid at the regular rate - no overtime is available in the Park.


Number of available slots: 24 

Cultural Opportunities

The employer and your Program Coordinator will help plan many fun events during the summer: baseball games, movie night at local  theater, activities in the park, etc. You can also visit Des Moines and enjoy the great restaurants, visit numerous museums, tour Iowa State Capitol, participate in festivals or the Iowa State Fair, plus much more. Also cities located within a 4 hour drive include: Omaha, Nebraska (Omaha Zoo), Bloomington, Minnesota (Mall of America) and Chicago, Illinois.

Zagotovi si svoje mesto še pravočasno!

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