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Atlantic Pier Amusements - Steel Pier


Ride Operator - Late


Job Start Dates: 12.06.2019 - 26.06.2019

Job End Dates: 02.09.2019 - 23.9.2019



Company Biography

The Steel Pier is a family-owned, historical, amusement park. Since 1898, it has been one of the most popular entertainment venues in the United States. Spend your summer working over the Atlantic Ocean. Experience summer warmth, with the beauty of awesome sunsets and soft summer breezes. Steel Pier's mission is: “We endeavor to provide the public with safe, clean, family fun in an amusement park setting.” Atlantic City has an excellent transportation system and Work & Travel participants from all over the world.
Atlantic City is only 2.5 hours from NYC, 1 hour from Philadelphia, and 3 hours from Washington D.C.. Spend your summer living near the beach and working over the ocean. Enjoy world class shopping, casinos, nightlife, and free citywide weekly events.

Job Position Details

Ride operators work directly with the public. They greet patrons as they enter rides and confirm that guests meet height and other admission requirements. Operators collect tickets and direct patrons on how to enter and exit rides. Ride operators make sure that patrons are securely seated into the equipment. Watch patrons to ensure they are not in danger. If necessary, operators take the proper steps to remove disorderly people from the rides.
Friendly and outgoing. Must have courtesy and patience when working with varied and sometimes difficult customers. Must be able to lift small children, weighting 40lbs or 18 kgs or more.

Number of available slots: 10

Cultural Opportunities

Steel Pier is an iconic amusement park that extends 300 m or 1,000 ft over the Atlantic Ocean, with awesome views of the beach and skyline. See fireworks, power boat races, and an annual air show all while working. More than 25 extreme rides, the United States's third largest ferris wheel, and helicopter tours. Steel Pier features food and beverage outlets that provide varied treats. Steel Pier
provides good hours and many cultural events to Work & Travel participants through out the summer season. Past events include basketball tournaments, dance teams, and international food days.

Participants will be asked to provide guests with the best experience possible with a smile. Provide a clean, safe environment. Employees will be trained to enforce all safety regulations, staying current with rules and procedures. Employees should always maintain a professional, clean appearance with a name tag. Schedules will include working evenings, weekends and holidays. Work outdoors over the ocean in a exciting, dynamic, fast paced work environment. Be prepared to stand for long periods of time, in variable weather conditions, while your phone is locked in the employee lockers.

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